Banjol is another wonderful part of the island Rab, also known for its three sand beaches called Padova, as well as for the sea promenade that connects this area with old city of Rab, where you can buy some local products and enjoy in rich gastronomic offer.

Due to its proximity to the city of Rab, beautiful bays, romantic nights in restaurants filled with a variety of gourmet specialties are only some of the reasons why many tourists return to Banjol from year to year. Some popular restaurants which we would like to emphasise are: Morcic, Marco Polo, III Padova and Padova II. All of these restaurants offer specialties which include wine, sage honey, olive oil, grappa made in its own family production, as well as saltwater fish such as sardines and anchovies rich in Omega 3. Preparing grilled dishes and baked dishes under the lead is a very long tradition in this part of Rab island, seafood and meat specialties are prepared the old fashioned way.

The attraction of the place is the beautiful beaches in the local bays and numerous small dock for ships at night create a vivid picture of the place . Besides swimming and sunbathing on the beaches, you can enjoy long walks by the sea and the view of the old city in Banjol. In order to comfortably find accommodation in apartments and rooms of family homes whose residents will be glad to accommodate you and ensure a peaceful and pleasant stay .

The rich gastronomic offer and plenty of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Local island wine guarantee your pleasure.
Visit Banjol and spend a memorable holiday in this beautiful part of the island.

We recommend visiting Banjol in 5th of August, when local people celebrate “Šištovica” – the feast of St. Lucy, the patron of the place.