Hiking on the island of Rab

Penelope Rab


The island of Rab is covered with numerous hiking trails, and the most attractive among them lead to the highest peak, Kamenjak, which offers fantastic views of the nearby islands and mountains. With two national parks (Paklenica and Velebit) nearby, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity for hiking and back to nature. Just don’t forget the guide, to make sure that you are on the right path and you’ll discover the most interesting locations.

Island Rab is the second greenest island on the Adriatic after NP Mljet down south in Dalmatia. It is full of wonderful discoveries for the nature lovers and holidaymakers. Island of Rab has long promenades along the coast and cycling paths for an active recreational holiday. Routs are leading past the attractive scenary and outstanding natural beauties.

For visitors who are into the off-the- main road wanderings, avoiding bussy spots and like hidden beautiful locations, there are many walks to discover here on the island. Since the island is diverse in it’s geological characteristics, the trails differe significantly in their sorts and overral landscape experience; from ridge stone desert to rich woods and breathtaking coves… The walks can be easy or more demanding, depending on the route selected.

Individual and 1st time visitors:
It is advisable to hire a local guide for most trekks, even if you are an experienced hiker – new habitat is always tricky. Highly recommended, a requirement for 1st time visitors if going for more demanding routes (see bellow descriptions).

Best time for the trekking and long walks is in spring months to mid-June / beginning of summer and mid- September to November. This way one avoids summer heat and rush and enjoys the pleasant temeratures and the surroundings at their best. Even the winter months are OK since usual temperature are arround 8-10 C , and there is no snow. Summer time ( 15.06.-15.09.) makes it very difficult due to high temepratures ( can be 40+ on the rocks, no water, no shade) and is not recommended to anyone. In any case, although this is not great wilderness, common sense and good equipment ( walking shoes, provisions) are required.

Overview: Path crosses the main Rab ridge and leads accross the Geopark Fruga valley to Lopar. The trail is partly exposed to the sun, and partly runs through the woods, passing through the Geo park with intersting geological sights. The Lopar part of the trail is exposed to the bora wind. The trail is not for cyclists.

Whole distance Rab- Lopar along this trekk is cca 12 km , suitable only for advanced and fitt – prepare for some stone-walls crossings, difficult paths and sharp stones.