Byciclism on the island of Rab

Penelope Rab

Be active, connected with nature, try out its limits and explore the beauty of the island of Rab on bicycles!

Rab is a small size island, but full of interesting bike trails that lead to attractive locations of the island and provide the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the Mediterranean landscape.
Riding around the island of Rab gives you an excellent opportunity for active holidays especially in spring and autumn, outside the summer heat and crowds. Ride at your own pace gives enough time for the stunning photos, swimming in the sea, whether you like byciclism in the hills or just drive along the coast.

Penelope RabIf you don’t have your own bike, you can rented it at several locations on the island. They are mostly situated in the area close to the harbor, but there is no service or repair bikes.

The island has more than 80 kilometers of bicycle paths of various types and weights. Partly by roads, along the promenade by the sea, white trails ride you through the woods or the bay and provide excellent viewable active recreation.

One of the most beautiful bike routes is certainly Premužić path that passes the most interesting parts of Kalifront and protected forest Dundo. These instructive trail was built by Anthony Premužić BSc. Ing. Forestry – our most well known designer and constructor of forest roads and mountain-tourist paths.
Another Premužić trail passes through the area in the northernmost part of the island, Lopar and Fruga a few paths leading to sandy beaches and reefs.